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Unit Design Consideration

By Amanda Lentino 

Questions for Teacher

Responses from the Teacher



How will you help students know where they are headed and why (e.g. major assignments, performance tasks, and the criteria by which the work will be judged?) I will help students to know where they are supposed to be by providing them with a unit outline sheet with due dates for all assignments, by posting all materials and instructions on the class website (e.g. handouts, rubrics, assignments, etc), and by posting the daily homework on the chalkboard, the class Twitter page, and the Google calendar.


How will you hook the students through engaging and thought-provoking experiences (issues, oddities, problems, and challenges); that point toward essential and unit questions, core ideas and performance tasks? I will hook the students by using an engaging online interactive website that encourages students to question their own beliefs and values and allows them to make real-world connections and evaluate the American justice system. Students will begin the unit by completing a mini-research project dealing with the historical context of the novel.


What learning experiences will engage students in exploring the big ideas and essential and unit questions? What instruction is needed to equip students for the final performances? Students will be engaged in the learning process by participating in online discussions and small group collaborations that create an atmosphere of student-centered learning.


How will you cause students to reflect and rethink to dig deeper into the core ideas? How will you guide students in revising and refining their work based on feedback and self-assessment? Students will reflect, self-assess, and peer-assess their writing. Through various assessments, students will receive immediate peer and teacher feedback. Throughout the unit, students will incessantly reflect on their previous beliefs and values in terms of race, social perception, and justice.


How will students exhibit their understanding through final performances and products? How will you guide them in self-evaluation to identify the strengths and weaknesses in their work and set future goals? Students will exhibit their understandings through their blog posts, journal entries, class discussions, reading assessments, completed activities (both in and out of class) and essays.