Process 2

Now that you have completed your individual research, it is time to reconvene with your group members to complete the final steps.

STEP FOUR: Once you have gathered enough information to write your articles, click on the following links to learn about newspaper writing.

Note: Each group member must write TWO different types articles. That means that your newspaper should have a total of SIX articles. After writing your articles, sit down with your group members and decide which article will be your front page headline story. You should look at newspaper websites to get an idea of which stories belong as font page headlines.

arrowClick for newspaper requirements!

STEP FIVE: Now that you know how to write a news article, it is time to start writing! It is best to focus on one article at a time. To help you complete all of your articles on time, you will have specific due dates.

  • Phase one, you should have one article written.

  • Phase two, you should have your second article written.

  • Phase three, you and your group members should organize the newspaper and input all articles.

You will receive a completion grade for simply having each article done on time.

At the end of phase three, you and your group members should have all articles composed in a newspaper layout using Lucidpress in Google. You must include your name with each article that you wrote, along with headlines that are interesting and relevant. You and your group members should also decide on a title for your newspaper.  Also, remember to include images with captions throughout the paper!

Most importantly, have fun and be creative!! :)


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