You and your friends have just stepped into a time machine and are now in Salem, Massachusetts during the 1692 witch trials! The three of you are newspaper reporters who would like to inquire more about the trials.


  • One will report on the judicial system.

  • One will report on the Puritan religion.

  • One will report on the witch hysteria. 

You will use the information that you already know from reading The Crucible in class, and you will find additional information from Internet sources. Feel free to use your history textbook and notes from your History class to gather more information about the topic!


Essential Questions:

  • Does a governing body have the right to dictate morality?

  • How does collective fear affect a group of individuals?

  • Is hypocrisy a natural human flaw?

  • How did the Puritan religion contribute to the belief in witches?

  • Is personal integrity more important than survival?


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Last Update: November 8, 2013

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