You and your group members will be graded according to the following rubric. You will be graded individually on your articles, but you will receive a group grade for the requirements and appearance/presentation sections on the rubric.

Beginning 1 Developing 2 Accomplished 3 Exemplary 4 Score
Research and Writing Topic is poorly researched. Articles contain inaccurate information. Topic is somewhat researched. Articles contain some information that might be inaccurate. Topic is well researched. Articles contain sufficient information that is accurate. Topic is well researched. Articles contain ample information that is all accurate.
Grammar and Punctuation Too many errors that interfere with the reading. Clearly, the writer did not proofread. Too many errors to count. Not sure if there was any proofreading. Very few errors exist. Some proofreading is evident. No mechanical errors exist. Articles were clearly proofread.
Quality of thought Project is too generic and does not show any quality of thought or understanding. Project shows some originality, interest, or careful thought. Project shows sufficient evidence of “deep” thought, imagination or analysis. Project clearly displays originality, imagination, depth of thought or hard work.
Requirements Newspaper is not a full three pages and does not include interviews or images. Some articles may be missing. Newspaper is just under the required number of pages. Has appropriate number of articles, but lacks interviews and/or images. Newspaper is three pages, with six articles, but may be lacking interviews and/or images. Newspaper is a full three pages. Includes six articles with obituaries, editorials, and basic articles. Articles include interviews and images with captions.
Headlines are not clear and do not relate to articles. There are no columns and images do not have captions. Newspaper looks like it was rushed and pieced together very sloppily. Some headlines are clear and related to articles. Columns are somewhat set and not all images have captions. Newspaper layout is a little sloppy. Most headlines are clear and relate to article. Columns are clearly set and images have captions. Newspaper appears somewhat professional. Newspaper is designed very well. Headlines are clear and grab the reader’s attention. Columns are clearly set and images are captioned. Overall, the layout has a professional appearance.  





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