Technology Standards

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Content Area: English
Grade Level: 9

8.1 Educational Technology: All students will use digital tools to access, manage, evaluate, and synthesize information in order to solve problems individually and collaboratively and to create and communicate knowledge.

  • 8.1.12.A.3 Participate in online courses, learning communities, social networks, or virtual worlds and recognize them as resources for lifelong learning.

  • 8.1.12.C.1 Develop an innovative solution to a complex, local or global problem or issue in collaboration with peers and experts, and present ideas for feedback in an online community.

  • 8.1.12.D.2 Demonstrate appropriate use of copyrights as well as fair use and Creative Commons guidelines.

  • 8.1.12.E.2 Predict the impact on society of unethical use of digital tools, based on research and working with peers and experts in the field.

  • 8.1.12.F.2 Analyze the capabilities and limitations of current and emerging technology resources and assess their potential to address educational, career, personal, and social needs.

8.2. Technology Education, Engineering, and Design: All students will develop and understanding of the nature and impact of technology, engineering, technological design, and the designed world, as they relate to the individual, global society, and the environment.