As New Jersey prepares for its new assessment, it is imperative that students receive the proper instruction to not only pass the exam, but to be prepared for college. The new exam is more aligned to common core and identifies student-readiness for college. Similar to the AP English Language and Composition Exam, PARCC requires students to respond to text-dependent questions and to write a response to a research simulation task (similar to the synthesis essay on the AP English Exam). Additionally, students will write a literary analysis along with a narrative piece.

To prepare my students for PARCC, I have created three research simulation tasks (RSTs) based on the material that my students have already studied. Below you will find the three RSTs. They are completely original and they adhere to the same guidelines posted on the PARCC website. Although PARCC presents the students with three sources, I included four to familiarize my students with analyzing multiple sources at once. In addition, there is a graphic organizer that is modeled after the samples that PARCC has distributed.


RST: A Raisin in the Sun Unit (11th Grade American Literature Class–Special Needs)

RST: Lord of the Flies Unit (9th Grade College Prep English)


RST: Nathaniel Hawthorne Unit (10th Grade American Literature Survey Class–Special Needs)

Last Update: February 2016