Beta Results Response

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Once the site on Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird was completed, I had three individuals test it: a student, a teacher/administrator, and a friend (non-educator). Each test-taker gave valuable feedback and each offered a unique perspective.

I emailed each tester the link to my site and a link to a Google form, which contained all of the survey questions. In my email, I asked my testers to go through the site—page by page, read through the material, and look at the content as if they were students currently in my class using the site to enhance the learning process. I was not present when the testers looked at the site, as I did not want my physical presence to influence their survey responses.

Each tester used a different form of technology to view the site. The student used her school MacBook, while the teacher/administrator used her Ipad, and my friend used his PC. The site worked well on all three devices, and none of the testers seemed to experience any difficulties.

All of the test-takers provided excellent feedback; however, the teacher/ administrator had the best suggestions. The student seemed to focus on the background color, and suggested changing it because she just does not like red. I decided to overlook this suggestion, as the background color allowed for the text to be clear and visible. The teacher, however, suggested altering some activities to allow for more meaningful learning. I took her advice by adding more comprehensive questions that lead to more critical and analytical thinking. My friend, who was viewing the site from a non-educational standpoint, thought that the site was very informative and simple to navigate.

Overall, the feedback was very positive, and it allowed me to prepare for next year’s unit on To Kill A Mockingbird with my freshman students. Over time, I might revise some lessons or add new information to the site, but for now, it is ready for classroom use.